LNG – Rogers Hubs

Rogers Hub 1: The project is about re-routing of natural gas supply from European part of Russia and establishing LNG hub in neutral waters of the Gulf. It is assumed that available free volume of 40 billion cubic metres, caused by recent changes on Ukrainian market, can be pumped through existing non-operating trunk pipeline to Turkmenistan (reversed flow). Having added some domestic supply and constructed additional North-South route pipeline in eastern Iran, Netoil would be able to get commercial quantity of natural gas to be converted into LNG on a marine-based plants (vessels). Therefore a new global player is created on LNG market with Russian (and partially Turkmen) resources focusing on Asian markets and competing with the USA, Qatar and Australia.

Rogers Hub 2: Building a natural gas pipeline from the Bolivian gas fields east of the Andes mountains to the free zone export facilities at Ilo, Peru where Netoil would set up an offshore LNG plant using gas feed sourced from both Bolivia and Peru. Meeting of Roger Edward Tamraz with Bolivia’s President Evo Morales in June 2018: