About us

Netoil Inc Ltd. is incorporated in Bulgaria. Its registration number is 205764057. Its registered address is Sofia city, 101 “Tzarigradsko Shosse” Blvd., floor 7, Bulgaria.

Netoil Inc Ltd. holds 30.01% of Petrel Resources plc and Netoil’s team holds 20.99%. Then, they control 51% of Petrel Resources plc.

Our team has been creating, structuring and implementing major international projects in the fields of oil and gas, pipelines, petrochemicals, oil refining and distribution, mining, banking, hotels, real estate and airlines.

We possess strong board and management team  of top industry professionals including some with over  50 years of experience and vast personal industry relationships. Netoil has a reputation as a company that can get the projects done quickly and efficiently.

Netoil has the capacity to think out of the box financial solutions to structure financial engineering strategies for projects as well as mergers & acquisitions. Using its strong relationships within the financial sector including bankers, financial houses, governments and sovereign wealth funds. This is the major reason for government departments to frequently attract us for oil and gas project development and implementation.